'An Hour is a Sea' (2016, 16k Records and Inverted Grim Mill Recordings). LP/DL. 

'In the crossing' (2016, 16k Records). CD/LP/DL. 

Winded(2009, 16k Records) CD Booklet (sold out) / Download

Consequence Music at bandcamp

Consequence Music(2007, Gronland records / 16k Records) CD / Download


Zero Circle(2010, 16k Records) 12" Vinyl - Also featuring Alias (Anticon), TVO (Broken20) and Socco Chico 

Hearts and Minds(2007, Gronland Records) 12" Vinyl - Also featuring Chris Clark (Warp)Alias (Anticon) and Arkham (sold out)

Animism(2004, Jumblefunk Records) 10" Vinyl


Do you need help(2004, Border Community) 12" Vinyl - Also featuring James Holden and the MFA (sold out)

Online Releases

The Cluny 
(2017, 16k Records) Audio download
An Ghaoth Aduaidh (The North Wind)(2012, 16k Records) Audio download and Video
Lab30(2009, 16 Records) Audio download
Tronic, Glasgow (2008, 16 Records) Audio download
The Kings Arms, Manchester(2005, 16 Records) Audio download
Cymbalic (2002)

Compilation tracks

'Heaval' - 'Europe' (2015, Strangely Isolated Place) - Vinyl/Download

'Heaval' - Nick Warren's 'Soundgarden Volume One'  (2014, Hope Recordings) CD/Download

'Sanna' - 'New wave of electronic sound volume 2' (2008, Tronic) CD

'Itchy Boy' - Suburban Rebels - (2004, Duotone Records, Japan) - CD/Download

Selected remixes

Remix of Bonobo's 'Recurring'. Released as part of the 'Ghost Ship' EP. Ninjatune XX series (2010). 

Remix of Winter North Atlantic's 'Cuts and Tears'. A Memento for Dr Mori, Boltfish Recordings

More remixes and information available at discogs