Dextro is the work of Scottish musician and producer Ewan Mackenzie, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (also the drummer in the UK rock band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs).  Having been released through Border Community (James Holden, Nathan Fake) Groenland Records (Neu, Harmonia, Eno), and remixed by Clark (Warp), The Village Orchestra and Dane Law, among others, the music of Dextro has routinely pushed the boundaries of ambient, electronic and drone genres. Dextro has been described as "an engrossing miscellany of stargazing sounds" (Narc Magazine), "a beautiful, wet, windy landscape that screams adventure, drama and danger" (A Strangely Isolated Place), and to quote Igloo magazine, "Haunting, pastoral and evocative music from a unique artist, Dextro has the power to paint very beautiful landscapes and to transport the listener to a higher state of consciousness". 

Dextro has also been performed live alongside artists such as Loscil, Adam Betts, Nathan Fake and Amon Tobin, where live percussion, guitar and synth drones interchange to create what commentators have described as "akin to climbing and descending from a mountain" (Muzik Dizcovery) and a " rich interstellar wonder: an ambiguous dreamzone awash with arresting visuals and transcendental possibilities" (Narc Magazine). 

Photo credit (pic above): David Hall

Photo credit (pic above): Ania Shrimpton